Year 5/6 Large Primary School Sportshall Athletics (Open)

Sportshall Athletics for years 5, 6

An opportunity to participate in the Level 2 Large Primary Sportshall Athletics Competition, with a pathway to level 3. A large primary is considered to have more than 130 pupils at KS2. 

The Sportshall Primary Programme provides an exciting and highly popular introduction to athletics competition. The
following notes provide an overview of the competition and set out the team requirements.
Team Information
School teams should consist of a minimum of 9 girls and 9 boys, with a maximum of 15 girls and 15 boys being
permitted.  Please note: we kindly ask that teachers try to keep team numbers to a minimum as we continue to manage Covid. 

They may compete in a maximum of two track and two field events, drawn from the following:
On the track
1 + 1 Lap Relay
2 + 2 Lap Relay each requiring two girls & two boys
6 Lap Paarlauf
Obstacle Relay
Over/ Under Relay each requiring four girls & four boys
4 x 1 Lap Relay
… and in the field
Chest Push
Standing Triple Jump
Soft Javelin
Speed Bounce
Standing Long Jump
Vertical Jump
each requiring three girls & three boy

Full risk assessment and essential details will be shared after the event registration closes.


Region: Open
Start Time: 24/11/2021 9:45 am
End Time: 24/11/2021 12:15 pm
Applications close: 10th November, 2021
School Type: Primary Junior, Primary
Genders: Male, Female
Maximum Team Size: 30
Maximum Teams per School: 1
Maximum number of teams, total: 11

Current Entrants

Yeo Moor Primary Team A
Portishead Primary Team A
Crockerne Primary (Pill) Team A
Locking Primary Team A
Uphill Team A
Herons Moor Team A
St Annes Primary Team A
Walliscote Primary Team A
Backwell Team A
Ashcombe Primary Team A
St Martin's Team A

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